During what may well be the biggest health crisis seen across multiple generations, the people of Clinton proved that in the darkest times, there is light.  Your generous donations have allowed Families Helping Families to directly assist our local organizations by providing non-perishable goods at a time when those are so scarce, especially for many whose resources have been negatively impacted.

Families Helping Families has developed a trusted partnership with Carbonella & Desarbo Inc. of Branford as a source for quality foods at prices that allow your donated dollars to be stretched.  Typically, we source many of the fresh food items donated to the Food Pantry and other events from Carbonella & Desarbo but given the recent change in need, we were able to purchase our first bulk order of non-perishable items.

Please remember we could not have done this without you!

These charts illustrate how we at Families Helping Families use your donations to better the lives of those in our community.

Since the pandemic hit, we've donated 321,562 pounds (that's over 133 TONS!!!) of fresh produce, non-perishable food, and personal care items that have provided relief for 198,663 community members.

Help us help our neighbors by donating today!

"He loves his country best who strives to make it best."
~ Robert Ingersoll

We all love America, but it takes a special man or women to enlist in the Armed Services.  During their service, they make innumerable sacrifices - and as we celebrate Memorial Day, we remember those who gave all in the name of Country.

In that spirit, we say our own "thank you" to the Veterans of Foreign Wars post 9918 for their generous donation of $1,000.00 to Families Helping Families.  Because of this donation, Families Helping Families will be able to donate much-needed food to the Clinton Food Pantry, therefore directly impacting the well-being of Clinton residents; remaining true to their call, these veterans are still aiming to make our country the best.

With a humble heart we remember and honor those lost to wars past and the war we're fighting now.  These remarkable veterans of Post 9918 remind us of national and local pride and while there are struggles, when we come together and help each other, we are stronger than any challenge we may encounter. 

Thank you to all the Service Members we remember today.

Sheldon Potesak, Commander of Post 9918 presenting President of Families Helping Families Miner Vincent the $1,000.00 donation check.